Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bermuda Triangle exists in every parking lot.

We have all been there...
You walk out of the store and your car is missing...
This phenomena is present in every parking lot in America.


Rebecca Chastain said...

What if it's a hardware store and you're all out of alcohol? Then option C's out. I think I'd have to go with A--walk around (with the keys in my purse so I don't look like that crazy lost lady) until I find my car. Then scold the car for doing a disappearing act on me!

TikiBird said...

Good questions. I vote CONSPIRACY!

Let me set the scene: Senior year of high school. The end of a long, exhilarating, tiring day at Marine World (aka, "Six Flags over Vallejo" or whatever it's called now). Me and my two passengers all know where my car was parked. We cannot find it. Anywhere. We search every aisle twice. I'm pretty sure we rode around on a little golf cart at some point. Finally, we find it, and I SWEAR we all looked there before.

Tell me that's not a conspiracy! I am sure someone moved my car (it was a little Suzuki Swift, so they probably could have picked it up), watched the panicked kids freak out for a while, and then put it back.

Wow, long post. You inspire much thought.