Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Picture This

A handy new product offered on Photojojo makes it easy to set your white balance on your camera without the gray card or any other funky equipment. “Simply flip your camera into custom White Balance mode, snap a photo with your White Balance Lens Cap on, and your camera creates a perfect profile of the actual lighting in front of you.”
I have used white/gray cards before working as a photographer, and I always had problems. Once, working at a school, I had to take thousands of shots of kids for sports and singles... My white balance was off. Every shot turned out green... OMG.. The company I was working for lost the contract with the school, and I still have not let it go.. It was my fault. This product might have saved me. -Cody
Find the product here PhotojojoWhiteBalanceCap

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Rebecca Chastain said...

What a neat invention! It sounds like something you should tell the company you were working for about.