Sunday, January 11, 2009

So cute.. I started to tear up!

I want an elephant of my own some day. Thanks to Ummm for the post.


peewee said...

awwww. I KNOW! Who doesn't want an elephant? who?

pt said...

This is asian elephant, not the africa one. In my opinion, asian elephant is not so fierce as an africa one.

Cody, then you gotta go to Thailand!

Hmm...butI don't want to have an elephant...because where ever you go, you cannot bring it with you like other pets. What if you miss your pet like hell ? The elephant's honesty & senses are also similar to dog's. I know a lot of stories of elephant so I can assure you : )

Cody said...

But you could take it to the super market... Think about it... Your in the 10 items or less line, and that old guy has 11... Well, you just point to your elephant and say something cool like "it can squash you like a pea" or something like that.