Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cake Wrecks Gone Wild

So, I found this little gem while following posts on several other topics. I love a show called Ace Of Cakes to dream about eating cake, and I looooove watching cops to see people make stupid mistakes.
So, what better than people who made stupid mistakes on cakes!!! I pick this article because it resonates with me... It's all about Spidey... or, some cake decorator's nightmare about Spidey.
Check out cakewrecks to see more. The two shots here are bad... but you must check out the last shot in this article, Jazz Hands... -cheers

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Rebecca Chastain said...

Wow! A whole blog just for cake wrecks. Crazy. And, yes, Jazz Hands is the best, though I'm fond of Spidey crawling across the top of the cake. I can see how it was probably envisioned...and then how badly it was executed. It's kind of a sad, horrible kind of way.