Thursday, February 5, 2009

Like Frankie Says... RELAX

So, my special lady friend has, for some time now, experienced eye fatigue from staring at my amazing seven minute abs.... Oh stop.. It is from the computer screen. Everyone, I believe, should have regular eye breaks from computing.... Your doing it now.. BLINK!! BLINK!!! Okay... As I was saying, we all need a reminder to take eye breaks. Well, the folks at LifeHacker have found a little program from The Mech-Programming blog that does just that, reminds you to take a break.. LIKE NOW.. BLINK!!
Well done! You are on you way to relaxing in visual wonderment that only eye breaks can provide.
Check out LifeHacker's site HERE, and download the program from the original post at Mech-Programming HERE


Rebecca Chastain said...

Thanks for finding that. Now onto more important issues...

Who is this "special lady friend"? Do I know her? Is her code name "Soda"? Huh? What's going on here? What are you trying to tell me? Whose eyeballs need poking out?I'll give her an eye break--a permanent one!

Cody said...

Code name Soda??? No, "special lady friend" is code for prostitute... Everyone knows that.

Rebecca Chastain said...

Give me her name! She's toast! A toaster! When all the toasters are blind, Saul will be king!

Cody said...

That one eyed frack'n skin job.. NO WAY!! =)

Crash said...

Cody wrote: WooHoo!! My first Blog mention... And you even used a bunch of ellipsises... ellipsisi... oh crap, multiple ellipsis... True to an artist's style... You Da Man! Thanks for the link and mention Mr. Crash!
Your number one fan... CW

I had to look it up, never heard the term:

I just write the way I speak. A trick from my morning show days. Being ADHD I suppose. I appreciate the feedback, I'm in good company. - Crash